Rainbow Riches: Power Mix

Discover plenty of bonuses for the chance of splendid wins in Rainbow Riches: Power Mix!

    Rainbow Riches: Power Mix Game Overview

    Betting in this game is fixed at 40 paylines.

    Reel Sets

    There are four sets of 3x5 reels in this game.

    Bonus Choice

    When the game starts, you must choose one bonus per reel set from a selection of five bonuses.

    You are allowed to choose one bonus multiple times.

    Select 'Change Bonus' at the start of the game to go back to the Bonus Choice screen.

    You will be able to view active bonuses and their respective symbols next to the corresponding set of reels.

    Landing between three and five matching Bonus symbols on a reel set where they are active will trigger the bonus.

    The value of your wager placed on each set of reels is calculated by dividing your total stake by four.

    Wild Symbol

    Wild symbols may feature on any reel position.

    These symbols will help create winning combinations by replacing normal symbols.

    Road to Riches Bonus

    If at least three Road to Riches symbols fall on the reels, then the Road to Riches Bonus will trigger.

    This bonus features a trail.

    To move along the reel, spin the wheel to determine how many steps you will be awarded.

    If the Coin icon stops inside the wheel's window, then the Road to Riches Bonus will finish.

    Reaching the end of the trail will also conclude the bonus.

    You will receive a prize at the end of the bonus, that is worth the final multiplier applied to that reel's wager.

    The trail will be shorter if you trigger the bonus with four Road to Riches symbols.

    Triggering the bonus with five Road to Riches symbols will award an instant prize and you will not play the bonus.

    The instant prize is worth 500x the bet placed on that set of reels.

    Pots of Gold Bonus

    The Pots of Gold Bonus will activate if at least three Pots of Gold symbols fall onto the reels.

    Gold, silver and bronze pots will spin around the screen.

    When they stop spinning, the winning pot will be identified by an arrow. 

    The winning multiplier will be applied to the wager that was placed on that set of reels.

    Activating the Pots of Gold Bonus with four Pots of Gold symbols will remove the bronze pot from the bonus.

    Triggering the bonus with five Pots of Gold symbols will award an instant prize and you will not play the bonus.

    The instant prize is worth 500x the bet covering that set of reels.


    Free Spins Bonus

    You will unlock the Free Spins Bonus if at least three Free Spins symbols appear on reels one, three and five.

    The number of free spins awarded is dependent on the number of triggering symbols:

    Free Spins Symbols
    Free Spins

    When a Free Spins symbol lands on the first reel, it will be stacked.

    This symbol is Wild during free spins.

    If additional Free Spins symbols appear during the bonus, then the Free Spins Bonus will be re-triggered.


    Cash Crop Bonus

    The Cash Crop Bonus is triggered when at least three Cash Crop symbols land.

    During the bonus, 50 coins will spin.

    Each coin features a blank and a multiplier on either side.

    If a coin stops on a multiplier, then the value used to multiply that reel set's wager - the final value is then added to the win meter.

    After a value has been added to the meter, a new coin featuring 'Go On' and 'Collect' will spin.

    You will receive the current value in the win meter if the coin stops spinning on  'Collect'.

    The bonus will end when 'Collect' is displayed.

    The bonus will re-trigger if the coin stops spinning on 'Go On'.

    The bonus is available to re-trigger twice.

    Each time the bonus re-triggers, the coin multipliers will be boosted.

    If five Cash Crop symbols are used to activate the bonus then an instant prize will be awarded and you will not play the bonus.

    The instant prize is worth 500x the bet placed on that reel set.

    Magic Toadstool Bonus

    The Magic Toadstool Bonus will activate if at least three Magic Toadstool symbols land.

    A selection of 24 toadstools will be displayed - choose three.

    Chosen toadstools may reveal a multiplier value or a fairy.

    If you reveal a multiplier, then that value will be applied to your wager placed per reel.

    If you reveal a fairy, then you will receive three more mushrooms and a multiplier!

    Running out of fairies or toadstools will conclude the bonus.

    If you still have picks left but there are no toadstools remaining, then a final multiplier will be applied to your current winnings in the meter.

    A minimum win of x8 your wager per reel set is required if you triggered the bonus with three Magic Toadstool symbols.

    Triggering the bonus with four Magic Toadstool symbols will set a minimum win level of x50 your wager per reel set. 

    Activating the bonus with five Magic Toadstool symbols will award an instant prize and you will not play the bonus.

    The instant prize is worth 500x your bet.

    Power Mix Bonus

    The Power Mix Bonus symbol may only appear on one set of reels at any point.

    When it appears, it can only feature on reel three and will expand to cover all positions on that reel.

    All four reels will merge to create one, giant reel.

    This reel can only feature multipliers, blanks or modifiers.

    If a multiplier or modifier appears, then that position will be held while the other positions re-spins.

    You begin the bonus with three lives.

    You will lose one life if a multiplier or modifier fails to appear on a spin.

    The number of lives remaining will reset to three if a multiplier or modifier appears on a spin.

    Running out of lives or completely filling the reels will end the bonus.

    At this point, the total multiplier value is used to multiply the wager placed on the reel set and you are awarded the total.

    There are four modifiers in this bonus:

    Wishing WellAll multiplier values on the reels are added together and awarded to the Wishing Well symbol.
    RainbowThe number of availThe number of lives remaining increases to four. You can only receive one Rainbow during this bonus.
    FairyA random number of cash values are doubled. The Fairy symbol has no cash value.
    LeprechaunA multiplier is added to all spaces that are next to the Leprechaun symbol - this is called the Hot Zone area. Symbols that land in the Hot Zone will be awarded the multiplier value. This multiplier value is removed from the Leprechaun once the Hot Zone area is live.

    Return to Player 

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.09%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.09 of wins.