Discover Slingo - The Innovative Online Game

Welcome to the world of Slingo, the hugely popular online game that offers an exciting twist on the classic slot machine! Our growing selection of Slingo games, many of which are based on your favourite TV game shows, feature incredible bonus rounds that offer you the chance to land real money jackpots.

Rainbow Riches Casino Slingo

Have a go with Slingo, the exciting online slot game with your favourite Bingo characteristics. Slingo games give you the chance to purchase extra spins, trigger bonus rounds and scoop cash wins!

Set off on your Slingo adventure to learn why these innovative games are becoming some of the most popular online.

How to Play Slingo

Playing Slingo online is simple. Similar to Bingo, each new game will generate a grid, with each box containing a randomly selected number. To win a ‘Slingo’, tick off an entire row of numbers by spinning the reel. Slingo’s can be awarded in any direction, be it horizontal, vertical or even diagonal. The more lines you complete, the more cash you’ll win.

If you run out of spins, you can choose to purchase extra spins at the end of the game for a chance to trigger bonus rounds. Some games also feature special symbols or combinations that offer even more chances to win!

Why is Slingo so Popular?

Slingo has built a loyal following by successfully bringing together the worlds of online bingo and slots.

In Slingo Rainbow Riches, for example, you can expect the classic Rainbow Riches slot game with an exciting bingo twist. Complete as many Slingo lines as possible to trigger thrilling bonus rounds, such as Road to Riches and Cash Crop, for a chance to land massive wins!

In some cases, you can effectively play free Slingo games too. Win this exciting bonus in selected games to have another go at the base game with no additional cost (the stake size will be decided for you).

What do the Slingo Symbols mean?

The symbols in these unique games are consistent throughout, and are easy to understand. See below for more information on the Slingo symbols:

  • Joker - this can be shown as either a Joker icon or a ‘J’ and essentially acts as a Wild symbol, allowing you to mark off any of the boxes in the column it appears in.

  • Super Joker - choose any number on the entire grid to mark off.

  • Free Spin - receive an additional free spin when this symbol appears.

  • Coin - an instant cash prize becomes available for you to win!

  • Devil - potential matches will be blocked on screen when the Devil symbol appears, so keep an eye out for those!

Landing a minimum of three Jokers or Super Jokers will award an additional instant cash prize,