Gemix 2

Take to the skies in Gemix 2 for a chance to discover free spins, win multipliers and more!

    Gemix 2 Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Gemix 2 range from 10p to £20.

    This game uses the Cluster Pays mechanic.

    Crystal Charge Meter

    Boost the Crystal Charge Meter by securing wins!

    To charge up the first half of the meter, collect 25 winning symbols.

    Once all cascades have ended after reaching 25 winning symbols, then the Crystal Charge will trigger one of the following effects:

    Chain LightningAn electrical arc will shoot out from two random corner symbols. The symbols that are hit by the arc will transform into one of the two corner symbols used.
    Light BeamLight rays will shoot out from a random symbol, transforming all symbols hit by the rays so that they match the randomly selected symbol.
    Crystal WarpA symbol is selected at random. All symbols on the reels that match the chosen symbol will then change into a different symbol.
    Nova BlastA randomly chosen symbol on the reels explodes. All symbols that are directly adjacent within a seven-symbol radius will also explode. A cluster of identical symbols will be left behind.

    Collecting 50 winning symbols will supercharge the Crystal Charge Meter and trigger all four effects at the same time!

    An x2 multiplier will be applied to the effects when this happens. 

    To re-trigger the meter, collect 50 more winnings symbols.

    Re-triggering the meter will increase the multiplier value by x2.

    This process can be repeated, up to a maximum multiplier value of x20.

    World Patterns

    There are four worlds available to discover in Gemix 2, each with two patterns. 

    To progress through the different worlds, you will need to complete the patterns by forming wins on the positions marked on the reels.

    You will receive a chance to win a bonus every time you complete the world's pattern.

    The more wins you achieve during the game, the better the value of the bonus.

    Each world has an associated guardian with an individual Wild symbol.

    When a guardian lands on the reels, their Wild symbol will replace other symbols to help create winning combinations.

    Wild symbols that are involved in wins are then removed.

    Wild symbols turn into Miner Wild symbols when the Crystal Charge effect is activated.

    Only the highest multiplier value is used for each winning cluster.

    Sky KnightA maximum of 2x2 Mega Wild symbols may appear, which will act like single symbols with an x1 multiplier. Winning Mega Wild symbols are removed.
    MinerWild symbols drop into the reels from the top, replacing regular symbols when they appear. A maximum of to ten Wild symbols may appear. Winning Wild symbols are removed.
    PrincessA randomly chosen symbol on the edge of the reels acts as a starting point and turns into a Wild symbol, which then spreads to adjacent symbols until one of the edge symbols is reached. Winning Wild symbols are removed.
    WizardA maximum of five Sticky Wild symbols may appear anywhere on the reels. These symbols stay on the reels for one game round or until the Crystal Charge is triggered.

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 94.27%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £94.27 of wins.