Journey to Ancient Rome with this thrilling bonus-packed slot game, Centurion!

    Centurion Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Centurion range from 20p to £20.

    Betting in this game is fixed at 20 paylines.

    Wild Symbols

    Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except Bonus symbols.

    Two, three, four, or five Wild symbols landing on any payline will substitute for Centurion symbols unless an equal or higher win is available. 


    Bonus Features

    When you trigger the Bonus feature, you will be presented with a feature wheel shown on-screen.

    Spin the wheel to reveal which feature you will be awarded!

    Note: The outcome of this wheel is not necessarily the same as the odds shown.

    The bonus games available to be won from the wheel depends on how many Bonus symbols initially landed.

    Number of Bonus Symbols
    Bonus Games Available
    3Prizes on Parade, Road to Rome, Wild Power Spins, Caesar's Free Spins
    4Road to Rome, Wild Power Spins, Caesar's Free Spins
    5Road to Rome, Wild Power Spins

    Removing lesser features when a higher number of Bonus symbols land, increases the chances of securing a better bonus.

    Bonus games play out automatically after a set time period.

    Prizes on Parade Bonus

    You will be shown three shields at the start of this bonus.

    Each shield contains a number of prizes, including an arrow and at least one 'collect'. 

    Hit the 'Stop' button to stop the dapple.

    If you land on a prize, it will be added to the running total shown in the top left corner of the screen.

    You will progress to the next shield if you land on an arrow.

    Landing on a 'collect' will end the feature will any prizes you have collected.

    You will also receive a prize when you land on a 'collect', which will be awarded before the bonus ends.

    All prizes are multiplied by the total bet.

    Caesar's Free Spins Bonus

    At the start of Caesar's Free Spins, you will be shown two wheels.

    Spin each wheel to reveal how many free spins you will be awarded, as well as the value of your awarded multiplier.

    All winnings will be multiplied by this multiplier during Caesar's Free Spins.

    You can view the total remaining free spins below the reels.

    Road to Rome Bonus

    The aim of the Road to Rome Bonus is to move the Centurion around the board to collect prizes by rolling the dice.

    The number of rolls remaining will be shown on the 'Roll' button. 

    Landing on a square featuring a dice will award two extra rolls and turn the square into an arrow.

    Landing on an arrow square will allow you to move forward one square.

    Successfully navigate the Centurion to Rome by advancing him to the end of the board, or by landing on the 'Go to Rome' square in the middle of the board.

    Once you reach Rome, a dapple will select a random prize to be added to the running total for the bonus.

    All prizes won in the Road to Rome Bonus are multiplied by the total bet. 

    Wild Power Spins Bonus

    Triggering the Wild Power Spins Bonus will award three Wild Power Spins.

    Wild symbols will be placed on a particular reel on each spin.

    1Three Wild symbols placed down the second reel
    2Three Wild symbols placed down the third reel
    3Wild symbols placed on the fourth reel

    Any winnings from these Wild symbols will be added to the running total.

    Once the wins for the third spin have been accumulated, the Wild Power Spins Bonus will end.

    Reel Modifiers

    A Centurion can appear in the bottom right corner of the reels to award a reel modifier, which can be either Super Bonus Reels, Reelus Maximum, Five of a Kind Wins, or a Big Win.

    It isn't guaranteed that the Centurion can award a reel modifier.  

    Super Bonus Reels

    An increased amount of Bonus symbols can appear for one spin.  

    Reelus Maximus

    A Colossal symbol can land anywhere on the reels to represent one symbol across 3x3 positions.

    Five of a Kind Wins

    This will ensure at least one 'Five of a Kind' reel win will appear on the reels.

    Big Win

    A Big Win is guaranteed when the Centurion announces a 'Big Win', which will include the high paying Centurion symbol.  

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 95.00%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £95.00.