Poker Tournaments

Play Wild Seat Poker Tournaments every day of the week!

    Texas Hold'em Online Poker Tournaments Overview

    Play Wild Seat Poker Tournaments Monday-Friday between 5pm and midnight.

    Playing these tournaments will see you awarded a ticket into our weekly Community Tournament where you can play for any prize money you've won in the previous week.

    The buy-ins from every player who registers for a tournament are added together to form the prize pool.

    The prize pool is then distributed between the highest-placed finishers in the tournament.

    The longer you last, the more money you will make.

    The payout structure changes as more players register - it is not final until registration closes.

    Tournament Blinds

    The size of the tournament blinds increase at regular intervals to speed up the game.

    The scheduled tournaments begin at a set time and as soon as that time is reached, the tournament begins with all the registered players.

    This means that most tournaments are contested by many players on many separate tables.


    As players are eliminated, remaining players are moved around to ensure an even number on each table.

    As more and more players are eliminated, tables are then removed to keep the remaining tables as full as possible.

    This continues until only the final table is left.

    The game ends when one player has won all of the chips.