High Stakes Roulette Splendide

High Stakes Roulette Splendide

High Stakes Roulette Splendide is the thrilling roulette game that offers you the chance to spin up to £4,000.

High Stakes Roulette Splendide Game Overview

To place your bet, place your selected chip on the area of the roulette table you wish to place your bets.

Racetrack Bets

You place racetrack bets on the oval area of the roulette, which is referred to as the 'racetrack'.

Neighbour Bets

With neighbour bets, you can stake a number of bets on five neighbouring numbers on the wheel.

Clicking on a number on the racetrack will place a wager across its five neighbouring numbers.

French Bets

French bets are split into three different sets of bets that will cover three different areas of the wheel.

Voisins - a total of nine bets are placed 

- two bets covering 0,2,3

- one bet covering 4 and 7

- one bet covering 12 and 15

- one bet covering 18 and 21

- one bet covering 19 and 22.

- two bets covering 25,26,28 and 29

- one bet covering 32 and 35

Tiers - a total of six bets are placed

- one bet covering 5 and 8

- one bet covering 13 and 16

- one bet covering 23 and 24

- one bet covering 27 and 30

- one bet covering 33 and 36

Orphelins - a total of five bets are placed

- one bet covering 1

- one bet covering 6 and 9

- one bet covering 14 and 17

- one bet covering 17 and 20

- one bet covering 31 and 34

Return To Player

Return to Player (RTP): 98.65%

The expected return to player is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £98.65 of wins.

The return is based on the player making the best choices.