First Person Baccarat

Guess whose hand will get the closest to a total of nine in our thrilling game of First Person Baccarat!

    First Person Baccarat Game Overview

    The aim of First Person Baccarat is to accurately predict which hand will be closest to a total of nine - the Banker or the player's.

    Bets can be placed on either hands or on a tie.

    Eight standard 52-card decks are used in this game.

    How to Play

    Once the first two cards have been dealt to the player and Banker, the Third Card Rule will determine whether a third card should be dealt to the hands.

    No hand can receive more than three cards.

    If a player's and Banker's hand are equal, a tie is declared and all bets (except tie bets) are voided for that game.

    If the value of the player's or Banker's initial hand is an eight or nine (a "natural"), then no more cards will be dealt to either hands.

    Should either hand's first two cards equal zero to seven, the hands shall draw in line with the Third Card Rule.

    Third Card Rule

    If the player's two cards total:

    • 0-5 - player's hand must draw
    • 6-7 - player's hand must stand
    • 8-9 - "Natural" (Both hands stand)

    If the banker's two cards total:

    • 0-2 - banker's hand must draw
    • 3-6 - the third card dealt to the player's hand determines draw or stand
    • 7 - banker's hand must stand
    • 8-9 - "Natural" (Both hands stand)

    When the banker's third card decision depends on the third card drawn by the player, the following rules apply:  

    Banker's Hand
    Banker Draws When Player's Hand Equals:
    Banker Does Not Draw When Player's Hand Equals:
    7Banker's hand must standBanker's hand must stand
    8,9 "Natural"Banker stands naturalBanker stands

    If the player's hand stands on two cards (6,7), then a two-card banker hand equal to three, four or five must draw.

    A banker hand equal to six must stand. 

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    The optimal theoretical payout percentage is:  

    • Baccarat – 98.94%
    • Pairs – 89.64%