The Crystal Maze Scratchcard

Choose between six different scratchcard games on The Crystal Maze Scratchcard.

    The Crystal Maze Scratchcard Game Overview

    The Crystal Maze Scratchcard offers a selection of six different scratchcard games.

    When you are selecting your scratchcard, you will see the cost of it and the potential win above the card.

    You can then scratch away all of the panels to find out if you have won.

    Choosing the 'Reveal All' option automatically scratches away all the panels.

    Any winnings are instantly added to your account.

    Ticket Price
    Top Prize
    Contestant Challenge20p£200
    Aztec Mask Match40p£16
    Windustrial Zone50p£50
    Medieval Match£1£800
    Futuristic Treasures£2£1,600
    Crystal Coins£5£30,000

    Return to Player

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    Contestant Challenge RTP: 94.58%

    Aztec Mask Match RTP:93.42%

    Windustrial Zone RTP: 94.44%

    Medieval Match RTP: 93.10%

    Futuristic Treasures RTP: 93.91%

    Crystal Coins RTP: 93.17%