Session Bingo

Play 15 different bingo games at the same time in our unique Session Bingo room.

    Session Bingo Game Overview

    Session Bingo is the exciting bingo game that sees you buy a bundle of bingo tickets for 15 different games.

    These are all played out in a dedicated Session Bingo room.

    There's a mix of 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo games.

    This is far cheaper than buying individual bingo tickets, while also offering you the opportunity to experience all forms of bingo in just one room.

    Also, there are lots of hosted chat games and quizzes on offer too.

    When are the games played?

    There are four sessions of Session Bingo a day:

    - Morning session (10am - 11am)

    - Afternoon session (3pm - 4pm)

    - Evening session (7pm - 8pm)

    - Twilight session (11pm - midnight)

    You can buy your tickets up to seven days in advance by selecting the boxes on the calendar for your specific days and times.

    You must then click 'Confirm' to complete the transaction.

    You will always have the maximum number of tickets for each session.

    Bingo Chat

    Our friendly chat hosts are on-hand to answer any questions you may have as you play.

    They also host regular cash prize games and fun-filled quizzes.

    How much can I win?

    The available prizes in a game of Session Bingo will depend on how many players are playing.

    As everyone in the game has the same amount of tickets, everyone has the same chance of winning.

    Jackpots are available with every game - it resets to the seed value of £2,500 each time it is won.

    A portion of every wager made on this game is added to that jackpot pool.