Complete lines in MONOPOLY Big Baller for the chance to enter magnificent bonuses, where you could win cash prizes!

    MONOPOLY Big Baller Game Overview

    MONOPOLY Big Baller combines the classic MONOPOLY board game with a marvellous bingo element!

    Complete lines on your bingo card for the chance to enter the MONOPOLY Big Baller bonuses.



    There are two different types of cards available in this game: Chance and Free Space.

    You can choose to use up to four cards, which will each have a 5x5 grid.

    • Chance card - a multiplier is guaranteed to appear in the middle position of the grid. Free spaces may appear later.
    • Free Space card - a free space is guaranteed to appear in the middle position of the grid. 

    To begin, place a wager on the card(s) that you want to cover.

    The type of card can be changed if you wish.

    At the end of the wagering period, the positions of your card(s) will be populated by random numbers ranging from one to 60.

    Multipliers and free spaces may also be added to random positions.

    Chance Multipliers

    This game features three different Chance multipliers: Standard, Line and Global.

    Chance Multiplier
    StandardUsed to multiply the line(s) containing that multiplier
    LineApplies if the line containing that multiplier features a winning combination
    GlobalUsed to multiply all winning lines on that card

    Each multiplier will correspond with a numbered ball.

    To activate the multiplier, the corresponding ball needs to be pulled from the machine!


    Ball Drawing

    There are 60 numbered balls in the machine.

    20 balls are pulled from the machine after any free spins or multipliers have been placed on your card(s).

    Numbers on your card(s) will be marked if they correspond to a ball that is pulled.

    Marking off an entire line will award the wager on that card!

    Bonus Game

    There are two wagers available to place, which can allow you to enter the bonus: 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls.

    If the 3 Rolls wager pays out, then the bonus will start and the two dice will roll three times.

    If the 5 Rolls wager pays out, then the bonus will start and the two dice will roll five times.

    If both wagers pay out, then one bonus will start with the dice rolling three times before another bonus starts with five rolls of the dice awarded.


    MONOPOLY Board

    This game uses the same, iconic MONOPOLY board.

    The only change will be that multipliers will appear on each property on the board.

    Random properties will be developed during the bonus, which will boost the value of those multipliers.

    Mr. MONOPOLY will travel the same number of positions as rolled on the dice.

    Just as in regular MONOPOLY, the Chance position will award a prize, which will be a random cash value.

    You will have to pay a fine if you land on the Community Chest position.

    If you land on 'Go to Jail', then you won't be able to leave jail until a double has been rolled.

    If you roll a double during the bonus then you will be able to roll again.

    Your winnings will be doubled if you pass 'Go'.

    Income Taxes

    Income tax will take 10% of any winnings achieved during the bonus.

    Supertax will take 20%.

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.10%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.10 of wins.