Live Roulette

Enjoy classic gameplay and incredible graphics on our live casino classic, Live Roulette.

    Live Roulette Game Overview

    In Live Roulette you have the same objective as in standard roulette, as you have to guess the number the ball will land on by placing at least one bet on that number or area.

    On the wheel, you will find the numbers 1-36 and a single 0.

    As soon as the betting period is finished, the live dealer will release the spinning ball onto the wheel.

    In the end, the ball stops in one of the numbered compartments within the wheel, and if you have placed a bet on something that covers that number then you win.

    Joining the Game

    In the 'Live Games Menu', you will find all of our available live games, which also displays the table name and the bet limits under the table icon.

    When you hover your mouse over the icon the dealer name and photo is shown, in addition to the most recent results and the players who are already at the table.

    To join the table, simply click the table icon.

    Bet Placement

    On the 'Bet Limits' window, you can view the minimum and maximum stakes permitted on the table.

    You will receive a notification if attempt to place a bet that goes over the named limit.

    The traffic lights beside the table will signal when you can place your bets.

    Bet Types

    You will find a number of alternate bet types on our Live Roulette table, each covering a specific range of numbers.

    Bets placed on the numbered spaces or on the lines between them are known as 'Inside bets,' while all bets made on the special boxes underneath and to the left of the board are called 'Outside Bets.'

    Roulette Racetrack

    Use the racetrack-shaped betting area to place traditional special bets and neighbour bets with ease. 

    Favourite Bets

    With the Favourite Bets feature you can create a saved list of your favourite bets or combinations of different type bets, therefore making it more easy to place them in upcoming rounds.

    You can keep and edit a maximum of 15 of your preferred bets under different names.

    Winning Numbers

    The most recent winning numbers are shown under the 'Winning Numbers' list, with the most recent result displayed on the left-hand side.

    Red numbers will appear in red, with any black numbers shown in yellow.

    If you click on the 'statistics' button, you can view the last 500 spins and the relevant results in a graphical way.


    Your payout will depend on the type of bet placed – these are shown in the table below.

    Even Money - 1/1Bet on colour, even/odd, low/high
    Dozen - 2/1Bet on group of 12 numbers
    Column - 2/1Bet on boxes labelled '2 to 1'
    Line - 5/1Place chip on inner boundary line between two rows
    Corner - 8/1Place chip at corner where 4 numbers meet
    Street - 11/1Place chip on outer boundary line, cover 3 numbers
    Split - 17/1Chip covers 2 numbers
    Straight Up - 35/1Chip placed on single number

    Return To Player (RTP)

    Return to Player: 97.30%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average pay out £97.30 of wins.