Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is the hugely popular live casino game preferred by high-rollers.

    Live Baccarat Game Overview

    The Banker and the Dealer are both dealt hands in Live Baccarat.

    Prior to this, you have to bet on whether your hand or the Banker's hand will be the nearest to a sum of 9, although you can also bet on a tie.

    In each game of Baccarat, eight standard 52-card decks are used.


    You can place your bets by clicking on different areas of the table, with each click adding an extra chip to that bet.

    Repeat - Press the 'Repeat' button and the same bets will be automatically wagered for you in this round.

    Double- You are given the option to double your stake automatically if you select 'Repeat'.

    Undo - This deletes your most recent bets from the table individually.


    In Live Baccarat, as soon as the betting time is up you and the banker each receive two cards.

    Once these first two cards are dealt to each hand, the Third Card Rule (detailed below) will decide if you need to be given a third hand, and this will then be the highest amount of cards you can receive.

    A tie will be declared if both hands have the same value, with any wagers on that being paid out subsequently.

    If the value of the cards in either hand on the first two cards is 0 to 7 inclusive, the hands shall draw in accordance with the ‘Third Card Rules’.

    Third Card Rules

    For your hand to draw the two cards must total:

    0-5 – Player’s hand must draw

    6-7 – Player’s hand must stand

    8-9 – ‘Natural’ (both hands stand)

    For the Banker’s hand to draw the two cards must total –

    0-2 – Banker’s hand must draw

    3-6 – Third card to your hand determines draw or stand

    7 – Banker’s hand must stand

    8-9 – ‘Natural’ (both hands stand)

    Multi-Game Play

    With this feature, you can access a maximum of four separate tables simultaneously, plus you can view them all in the same browser window!

    You will be able to resize your browser window as a whole once you've joined several tables, though you cannot resize each game table window separately.

    Return To Player

    The optimal theoretical payout percentage is:  

    • Baccarat – 98.94%
    • Pairs – 89.64%