Gold Vault Roulette

Discover roulette with a dazzling twist in our marvellous live casino studio, with exciting prizes available to pocket!

    Gold Vault Roulette Game Overview

    The chip sizes available in Gold Vault Roulette range from 20p to £50.

    Roulette Explained

    This game is similar to regular roulette games: Bet on where you think the ball will stop on the wheel and, if you are right, then you will win a prize!

    Gold Bars

    Up to 20 Gold Bars may be pulled out of the vault on every spin, which will be placed on random spots on the betting table.

    These spots will be boosted by the Gold Bar's multiplier values. 

    A maximum of three Gold Bars can be added to each spot, which would result in a x150 multiplier.

    Super Gold Bars can also enter the game - these will be worth more than standard Gold Bars.

    Outside Bet Payouts

    Low (1-18) / High (19-36)18 numbers1:1
    Even / Odd18 numbers1:1
    Red / Black18 numbers1:1
    Dozen / Column12 numbers2:1

    Inside Bet Payouts

    Line6 numbers5:1
    Corner4 numbers8:1
    Street3 numbers11:1
    Split2 numbers17:1
    Straight Up1 number24-499:1
    1 Gold Bar1 number50x
    2 Gold Bars1 number100x
    3 Gold Bars1 number150x
    Super Gold Bar1 number500x

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): Straight Up bets 97.03%, all other bets 97.30%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out between £97.03 and £97.30 of wins.