MONOPOLY Utility Trails

Discover incredible features, Cluster wins and an Off The Rails Jackpot on offer in MONOPOLY Utility Trails!

    MONOPOLY Utility Trails Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in MONOPOLY Utility Trails range from 20p to £4.

    Betting in this game is fixed at five or more Cluster Wins.

    Game Information

    MONOPOLY Utility Trails is played on a grid with seven rows and eight columns.


    Cascades occur when symbols in winning combinations explode and disappear from the grid, causing symbols above to cascade down to fill the empty spaces.

    New symbols will fall into the grid from above to fill any empty spaces at the top.

    Winning combinations are evaluated after each cascade.

    Cascades continue to be triggered until either no more wins are awarded or the maximum number of ten cascades have occurred. 

    Cluster Symbols

    A win is awarded whenever at least five paytable symbols form a connected Cluster, which is a group of symbols where each symbol touches at least one other of the same type along a horizontal or vertical edge.

    Wild Clusters do not have an associated paytable prize and can only substitute for adjacent symbols.

    A winning combination will only be awarded for a Wild Cluster if at least one paytable symbol appears horizontally or vertically adjacent to the Wild Cluster.

    Only the highest single paytable prize is awarded per Cluster.

    Wild Symbols

    The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Electric Company Bulb symbol and the Water Works Tap symbol.

    Wild symbols that are involved in winning combinations will explode and disappear from the grid.

    If a Wild symbol is not involved in a winning combination, it will stay on the grid until the end of the spin.

    Wild symbols can only be allocated to one Cluster, and can only form Clusters with adjacent symbols.

    Wild substitutions contributing to the highest paying win will be awarded.

    Wild Tracks Bonus

    The Wild Tracks Bonus is triggered whenever a Golden Wild symbol lands in the same column or row as another Golden Wild symbol.

    All symbols in the row or column between the two Golden Wild symbols are then replaced by Carriage Wild symbols.

    If the Golden Wild symbols form a square, the Carriage Wild symbols will expand to cover all symbols in that square.

    Any Carriage Wild symbols left on the board after a cascade will transform into a Golden Wild symbol.

    If an Electric Company Bulb symbol or Water Works Tap symbol can be replaced by a Carriage Wild symbol, these symbols are replaced by a combination Wild/Electric Company Bulb symbol or Wild/Water Works Tap symbol respectively. 

    Community Chest

    A 3x3 Community Chest symbol can randomly land on the grid during a spin or cascade.

    The Community Chest will open to reveal a random cash prize, between five and 1000x your total bet.

    Once the Community Chest feature has ended, the Community Chest symbol will explode and disappear. 

    Water Works Bonus

    The Water Works Tap symbol can only land during the base game.

    Each Water Works Tap symbol that lands is added to the value of the associated gauge before exploding and disappearing from the board.

    Collect 15 Water Works Tap symbols to fill the gauge and trigger the Water Works Bonus.

    Any Water Works Tap symbols over the triggering 15 will not be kept after the bonus finishes.

    During the Water Works Bonus, spins will occur until a winning Cluster(s) land on the board.

    All winning Clusters are fixed in place until the end of the bonus.

    Non-paying symbols cascade down, with any symbols that increase the previous Cluster(s) or create new Clusters fixed in place.

    There are two taps above the board, which can activate at any point to pour water, triggering one of two modifiers.

    If there are multiple Clusters of different symbols and the taps are activated, all Clusters on the board will be upgraded to match the one with the highest value symbol - if all Clusters are the same symbol, they will be upgraded to match the next highest symbol in the paytable.

    The Water Works Bonus finishes when there are no more Cluster upgrades or tap triggers.

    If the Water Works Bonus and the Electric Company Bonus are triggered in the same spin, the Water Works Bonus will play first.

    Note - Golden Wild symbols cannot land during the Water Works Bonus.

    Electric Company Bonus

    The Electric Company symbol can only land during the base game.

    Each Electric Company symbol that lands is added to the value of the associated gauge before exploding and disappearing from the board.

    Collect 15 Electric Company symbols to fill the gauge and trigger the Electric Company Bonus.

    Any Electric Company symbols collected over the triggering 15 will not be kept after the bonus finishes. 

    During the bonus, the symbols on the grid are replaced with the following:

    • Property Cards - collect for cash values (base values of Property Cards are between 0.5 and 25x the total bet)
    • Colour Tiles - collect to upgrade Property Cards
    • Chance Cards - reveal a House or a Hotel

    Three lives are awarded at the start of the Electric Company Bonus.

    Property Cards that land are held in position for the duration of the bonus - if all 56 positions are covered by Property Cards then no more spins are played.

    Clusters of Colour Tiles do not award a credit prize, and explode and disappear from the board.

    If Colour Tiles Clusters match the colour of any of the Property Cards on-screen, then the associated Property Card doubles in value.

    Chance Cards that land on the board are flipped to reveal either a House or a Hotel, triggering the following modifier:

    • House - doubles the value of a random Property Card
    • Hotel - doubles the value of all Property Cards on the board

    Once a Chance Card has applied a multiplier, it explodes and disappears from the board.

    Failing to land a Property Card, a Chance Card, or obtain a Colour Cluster, will cost one life and cause one of the light bulbs to go dark.

    The board will re-spin each time a life is lost - any accumulated Property Cards will remain in place when this occurs.

    The Electric Company Bonus will end when all three lives are lost.

    The sum of the prizes on the Property Cards currently on-screen will be awarded at the end of the bonus.

    Off The Rails Jackpot

    The Off The Rails Jackpot is awarded when the entire board is filled with Wild symbols during the base game.

    Having one Golden Wild symbol in each corner during a spin or achieving ten cascades during the base game in a single paid game will cause the board to fill with Wilds.

    Achieving ten cascades during the base game will cause the Off The Rails Jackpot to be awarded on the next cascade, ending the base game.

    Features can be triggered after the Off The Rails Jackpot is awarded.

    The value of the Off The Rails Jackpot is £20,000. 

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.79%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.79 of wins.