Money Train 3

Spin the reels in Money Train 3 and aim for magnificent bonus modifiers with free spins and multipliers on offer!

    Money Train 3 Game Overview 

    The bet sizes available in Money Train 3 range from 10p to £2.

    Betting in this game is fixed at 40 paylines.


    There are 12 special symbols in this game.

    Each symbol will trigger a different outcome when it appears:

    CollectorAll symbols currently on the reels are added to the total value of the Collector symbol.
    SniperBetween three and eight Bonus symbols are randomly selected. The values of the selected symbols are doubled. This can happen to the same Bonus symbols multiple times.
    Collector/PayerThree, four or five random symbols are chosen. The values of these symbols are then added to the Collector/Payer symbol value. The final value is paid out to each of the randomly chosen symbols.
    NecromancerBetween two and seven Persistent Bonus symbols that have already been used are revived. Symbols may be revived multiple times.
    AbsorberEach visible regular Bonus symbol is removed from the reels.
    Tommy Gun SniperA random symbol will double in value. This can happen from two to six times.
    Tommy Gun PayerThe value of a random symbol is increased by 5x to 100x. This can happen between three and ten times.
    Persistent CollectorAdds the values of all present symbols to the value of the Persistent Collector symbol. This can happen for the following spins. The Persistent Collector symbol does not collect its own value.
    Persistent SniperActs the same as a regular Sniper symbol, except the outcome can repeat for subsequent spins.
    Persistent Payer/CollectorActs the same as a regular Collector/Payer symbol, except the outcome can occur on each spin.
    Persistent NecromancerActs the same as a regular Necromancer symbol, except between one and seven Persistent Bonus symbols may be chosen.
    Persistent ShapeshifterTransforms into a new special symbol at the end of each spin.

    Respin Feature

    At any point during the game, the Respin feature may activate.

    At the beginning of the feature, a random symbol will be selected to be the sticky symbol.

    All other positions will respin.

    A new respin is credited for each new symbol that appears.

    If a symbol features a multiplier value then the multiplier will be applied to the final win amount.

    Multipliers will be added together if more than one appears during the feature.

    Running out of respins will end the feature.

    Money Cart Bonus

    At least three Bonus symbols need to appear for the Money Cart Bonus to activate.

    At the start of the bonus, the triggering Bonus symbols will award a multiple of your stake.

    Any Persistent symbols will play out before the bonus starts.

    You will receive three free spins to start with.

    To unlock a new reel, you need to cover an entire reel with symbols.

    You can unlock a maximum of two new reels during the bonus.


    Buy Feature

    The Buy feature offers the option to activate the Money Cart Bonus for a cost.

    When you buy the Money Cart Bonus, you can choose between four different versions: the original version, the Persistent version, a 2 Spin version or the 1 Spin version.

    Persistent Version

    The Money Cart Bonus will be activated with one Persistent symbol.

    New symbols appearing will reset the number of spins left.

    Original Version

    The regular version of the Money Cart Bonus will play.

    New symbols appearing will reset the number of spins left.

    2 Spin Version

    The Money Cart Bonus will begin with two free spins.

    New symbols appearing will reset the number of spins left.


    1 Spin Version

    The Money Cart Bonus will begin with one free spin.

    New symbols appearing will reset the number of spins left.

    Return to Player 

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.10%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.10 of wins.