Lightning Lotto Live

Step into the 20s themed live studio in Lightning Lotto Live for the chance to experience an awesome casino atmosphere packed with excitement!

    Lightning Lotto Live Game Overview

    Experience all the action of Lightning Lotto Live with bets ranging from 10p to £50.

    Lightning Games

    Whether you're new to the world of Lightning live casino games or you're a long-term fan, there is plenty to enjoy! 

    Known for revamping casino classics with awesome multipliers, called 'Lightning Numbers' or 'Lightning Multipliers', the Lightning live casino games are packed with action. 

    Take Lightning Roulette. By combining the classic game of roulette with Lightning Multipliers, payouts have been boosted with even more excitement. Land a Lightning Multiplier and your winnings will be multiplied!

    And now you're invited to witness the excitement for yourself in Lightning Lotto Live. Complete with all the glitz and glamour of a Vegas casino suite, step on into the golden live studio to meet your game host and watch the action unfold.

    Ready to jump in?

    How to Play

    The clue is in the name with this game. Based on the traditional Lotto game, the aim of Lightning Lotto Live is to match as many numbers on possible on a single ticket with those drawn from the balls.

    There are two ball machines in this game: The main drum and the Powerball drum.

    The main drum contains 25 balls numbered 1-25. The Powerball drum contains ten balls numbered 1-10.

    Five balls will be drawn from the main drum before a single Powerball is drawn from the Powerball drum. 

    If your ticket features a number that matches the drawn ball, then the corresponding square on your ticket will be daubed. 

    Match at least three numbers, including a Powerball number, on your ticket to win.


    You can play with between one and 500 tickets at a time in this game.

    Each ticket will feature five numbers from 1-25 and a single Powerball number.

    Lightning Tickets

    At the end of the betting time, up to two Lightning Numbers will be randomly pulled from the main drum. If your ticket contains one of these numbers, then that's marvellous news! That ticket is now a Lightning ticket and will feature a multiplier worth 2x-10x!

    If your ticket features two Lightning Numbers, then two multipliers will be added together and assigned to the ticket.

    First Person Version

    Discover all the fun of Lightning Lotto in our First Person online casino studio!

    This version follows the same rules, except it isn't live. 

    You can enter the live version while playing First Person Lightning Lotto by clicking the 'Go Live' button on-screen.

    Return to Player 

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.08%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.08 of wins.