Doubly Bubbly

Love winning for free? Have a play of our fun-filled daily free game, Doubly Bubbly.

    Doubly Bubbly Free Game Overview

    Our daily free game is played in our Double Bubble bathroom - a 10x9 grid that hides icons from the classic Double Bubble game.

    To reveal the item hidden behind any square, simply hover over it and click on it.

    To win cash and prizes, you need to collect matching sets of icons.

    You can come back once a day, picking six squares on the grid each time you visit.

    Amount Required
    Lucky 735 free spins
    Grape410 free spins
    Cherrie550 free spins
    Green Soap8£20
    Blue Soap9£250

    Instant Wins

    Discovering an Instant Win icon will award up to 50 free spins to be used at the end of the game!

    Instant Wins can only be awarded once a day and it is not guaranteed that you will find one each week.

    Doubly Bubbly Bonus

    This is a special monthly game that can award cash and free spins on the last day of every month.

    Each day that you play Doubly Bubbly, you are awarded one pick to use on the last day of that month.

    On the last day of the month, pick bubbles from a 7x7 grid for a chance to win cash and free spins.

    Each bubble can hold a maximum of £100, or up to 10 free spins to be played on Double Bubble, Double Bubble Jackpot or Double Bubble Triple Jackpot.

    The first time you play Doubly Bubbly with the monthly game feature, you will be awarded a special one-time bonus of one pick for every day that the current game has been in-play.